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People often face difficulties in cleaning and maintaining their hardwood floors. Many people are of the view that washing these floors with water and vinegar or using oil soap on these floors can produce the desired shine and beauty that they look out for. However, this is not the truth. Always keep in mind that a water based wood cleaner is the easiest and the safest cleaner to be used on wooden floors. At the same time, you must also remember that poorly finished wooden floors do not have the capacity of handling water based cleaners. Some wooden floor cleaners that can be considered a good choice for cleaning wooden floors are as follows:

Wood Cleaner

Method Wood Cleaner for Regular Cleaning

This is a very light plant-based and a food safe Wood Cleaner that helps in keeping wooden counters, kitchen tables and butcher blocks conditioned and clean. The cleaner has an almond scent and it does not contain nuts.

Guardsman Wood Cleaner and Wood Polish in Lemon

This cleaner is perfect to be used for cleaning wood deeply. It serves as a smart duo that can be used for protecting the shine and the luster of the wood. It is a foaming cleaner which is of effective help in removing build up and even polishes very well. There are three scents available with this cleaner.

Bona Cabinet Cleaner

This is a very well-known hardwood floor cleaner available in a spray bottle. It has no scent and works superbly on the surface and crevice stains.

Magic Cabinet and Wood Cleaner

This cleaner is absolutely perfect to be used on painted surfaces. It is also available in a spray bottle and is effective on crevices. It offers a very smooth finish post being used for wiping wooden floors.

Method All-Purpose Spray

Method All-Purpose Spray is a multi-purpose product that works effectively on grime and grease. It contains biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients and possesses a citrus smell which is delightful. When using this product, you need to keep in mind that you must allow the product to sit in for some minutes and then scrub the wooden floor harder for removing all sorts of stains and spots.

Murphy’s Oil Soap

Murphy’s Oil Soap has long been used by households as it works effectively and easily on grease and grime leaving a silky and a beautiful finish on wooden surfaces. Its citrus scent is mild and inviting.

Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner

You can use this Wood Cleaner for preserving wood finishes. This cleaner can also be used for preventing the wood finish from cracking or drying out. This wood polish and conditioner introduces natural oils for keeping the wood finish from drying out and also leaves behind a very protective coating which consists of beeswax and Brazilian carnauba wax. The cleaner can be used each month or whenever you find the finish looking dry and faded. It helps in enhancing the depth and natural beauty of wood grains irrespective of the fact that whether they are unfinished or finished. It makes use of orange oil and the finest waxes for keeping the quality of the wood intact.

Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner Solution Refill Blossom Breeze Scent

This is a multi-purpose wood cleaner which reveals a streak-free and a glossy shine. The cleaner dissolves greasy, sticky and tough dirt. It features the inviting scent of lavender vanilla, leaving the house smelling fresh and clean. The cleaner dries very fast without leaving any residue or streaks. It is best to be used on hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile floors.

Guardsman Revitalizing Wood Polish Woodland Fresh

This is a superior quality wood polish which delivers a very clean, low luster and rich shine and natural glow to wooden surfaces without leaving any residue. If used regularly for polishing wooden surfaces, the polish delivers great results in protecting and beautifying the surfaces. It also helps in concealing the appearance of scratches on fine surfaces. This wood polish from the brand called Guardsman does not contain silicones, abrasives and waxes. It leaves no buildup or greasy film on the floor and this is the reason why it ranks among some of the best wood cleaners available in the market these days.

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